Alumni Overview

Ms. Shareen Krasta Kitterman is from our 1995 batch of Computer Engineering and is currently US Diplomat. Watch her Talking us through her journey from being a CRCE Student to becoming a US Diplomat.


The main objectives of the Alumni association are :
  1. To promote and foster mutually beneficial interaction between Alumni and the Institute.
  2. To encourage the Alumni to take an abiding interest in the process and development of the Institute.
  3. To arrange and support placement activities for the students of the Institute.
  4. To encourage the students of the Institute and members of the Association for research & development work in various fields like engineering.
  5. To mentor the students of the Institute for higher education, development of character and being good citizens.
  6. To encourage and guide the students of the Institute on self-employment to become entrepreneurs.
  7. To guide students of the Institute on various professional avenues available and support them through various activities such as expert advice, seminars, visit, etc.
  8. Promote the Industry-Institute interaction to bridge the gap between industry requirements and education offered and enhance students’ employability.