Congratulate to Vaayushastra for achievement in SAE Aero Design West 2016-17.




The institute takes immense pride and pleasure in announcing the result of Team Vaayushastra which secured a 3rd position in the technical oral presentation round, a 6th place in technical design and an overall international 5th rank. Besides, they maintained their dominance in the Asia-Pacific region as the best team in advanced class.

We congratulate the Team captain Melchizedek Caleb and Faculty advisor Prof.Dipali Kisan Bhise and all team members for their effort and excellent performance.

Team Members:

Melchizedek Caleb(Captain), Reyon Dsouza(Vice Captain) , Arnnav Prasad, Nigel Koli, Nihal Brarath, Ruth Peter, Melita Saldanha, Christine Tharian, Aditya Kelkar, Aditya Desu, Dwayne Dmello, Johney Xavier ,Shivani Vartak, Harsh Shah, Varun Kharkar, Vidhiksha Patel, Bharat Kumavat,  Binny Joshua, Kartik Pavaskar, Divya Ramachandran, Rakesh Lode, Sritej Nair ,Igor Monteiro, Rahul Pereira, Peter Braganza.

 Competition details:

The SAE Aero Design Competition is organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and calls for various international teams to participate across 3 classes- Micro, Regular and Advanced. The team competes in the advanced class of this competition. The problem statement asks the teams to create an UAV which will fly at a height of no less than 100 ft and drop a humanitarian package within a designated target area. This is ensured and executed using the various sensors and the first-person-view camera on-board the UAV. A complex Data Acquisition System and User Interface designed by the students does the job of transmission and display of all the data on the ground station.