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In order to prepare students for careers in the most high-demand industry of the twenty-first century, Fr.CRCE offers a BTech program in Computer Science and Engineering from the academic year 2024–2025 with an approved intake of 60 students per year.

Computer Science Engineering

The exciting topic of Computer Science Engineering (CSE) unites the domains of Computer Science and Engineering. Networks, software, and computer systems can all be designed, developed, implemented, and maintained by graduates of CSE programs. CSE is primarily about creating a bridge between the complex hardware and the software that provides the instructions to make the hardware work. A thorough understanding of various programming languages is provided, along with an exploration of the fundamentals of computation and algorithms.


With a variety of specialization options available, including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Data Science and Robotics, CSE programs enable students to customize their education to meet their unique learning objectives and professional goals. A wide range of professions, including software development, IT consulting, network administration, Game designer, Data Analyst, Database administrator, machine learning engineer, and many more, are available to CSE graduates. They can find employment in a variety of sectors, including technology, Aerospace, Finance, Banking, Healthcare, Education, Entertainment, Research and Development etc.

Programs offered:

First year (FE) B.Tech in CSE
Second year (SE) B.E. in AI&DS
Third year (TE) B.E. in AI&DS
Final year (BE) B.E. in AI&DS

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